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Personal Information Collection Statement

Update date: August 20, 2019

This statement is provided to individual customers of Hong Kong Ketogenic Diet Limited in accordance with the requirements of the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the “Ordinance”).

We are committed to protecting your personal information and privacy in the “Hong Kong Ketogenic Diet Limited” (“Company”). To ensure that you provide us with confidence in the personal data (as defined below), we would like to outline our collection and use of your personal data and the methods you can choose to collect and process your personal data.

1. Types of personal data collected

In order to cooperate with the company’s business operations, including the company’s courses, activities and related products, services, sales, provision, registration and administrative purposes, the company’s collected information includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Mailing address
  3. Payment details, including credit card information, bank account numbers and other bank information;
  4. Contact details, including contact person’s name, fixed-line and mobile phone numbers, and email address;
  5. Your date of birth;
  6. Information required to verify your identity, including the type and number of identification documents;
  7. Your preferences, hobbies and leisure activities for specific products and services;
  8. Regarding the transcript or recording of your call to our company’s hotline;
  9. Emails or letters sent by you to the company; other records of your contact with the company;

2. Collection of personal data

In order to cooperate with the company’s business operations (including selling, providing, registering and promoting the company’s beauty and slimming treatments and related products and services), the company will collect your personal information in the following situations:

  1. Purchase products from our company on the phone, online, at our company’s branch, or through our authorized dealers or agents;
  2. Subscribing to or registering for our company’s services (including registering or subscribing for related services at our company’s branches, telephone, online or through our authorized dealers or agents);
  3. Inquire about products or services from the company;
  4. Contact the company to make enquiries or complaints;
  5. Participate in various promotions, competitions or sweepstakes through our services;
  6. Use the company’s products or services;
  7. Participate in market research;
  8. Use or browse our website.

3. Use of personal data

The company may use and analyze your information for purposes including but not only the following:

  1. Daily operations involved in providing services to customers;
  2. Design services and products for customers;
  3. To process your order, provide the products you have purchased from our company, and provide you with the latest news about the progress of the order;
  4. Provide you with news about our company’s latest offers or promotions;
  5. To promote the following services or products (regardless of whether the company accepts compensation for the promotion or not):
  1. All our products and services, and
  2. Rewards, seniority and benefits related to products and services, and

VI. To provide you with assistance when you make inquiries about products or services, including investigating and resolving issues that affect the quality of services, and processing any billing enquiries from you;

VII. Analyze the use of our services and products by you and other customers, so that the company can further improve products and services and/or provide you with more suitable types of products and services;

VIII. Or, on the basis of removing personally identifiable information, conduct research and statistical analysis, and monitor customers’ use of the company’s services and products;

IX. Assist the company to prevent fraud or crime;

X. Trace, collect debts, manage credit;

XI. Contact you when necessary.

4. Retention of Personal Data

The company will destroy the personal data held in accordance with its internal policy. Unless the reason for holding personal data is to comply with applicable statutory or contractual obligations or for the purpose of investigating, detecting crimes, and prosecuting suspects, the company will only retain personal data for the period of time when it needs the relevant data.

5. Disclosure and sharing of personal data

The company will keep all personal data held confidential, but may disclose information about you to the following parties:

  1. Hong Kong Ketogenic Diet Limited;
  2. Contractors, agents, and suppliers involved in providing the products and services you have ordered or used;
  3. Bank or financial institution, payment card or credit card issuing company;
  4. Credit information company or credit agency;
  5. Debt collection or collection agency company;
  6. Emergency service providers (if you call urgently) (in this case, your approximate location can be disclosed);
  7. Professional consultants (including lawyers and auditors)
  8. Any agent, contractor, or third-party service provider that provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment or other services related to the company’s business operations to the company;

IX. Law enforcement agencies, government agencies, regulatory agencies, courts or other agencies required by law;

X. In accordance with the legally binding regulations on the company, or due to regulatory or other regulatory agencies required the company to comply with the guidelines, perform the disclosure responsibility to any person;

XI. Rewards, seniority and discounts provided by third-party suppliers

XII. Our company partners

XIII. Third-party service providers (including but not limited to valet shipping centers, telemarketing and direct sales agents, call centers, data processing companies, and information technology companies) employed by the company to meet the above clause 4

XIV. The company may disclose and transfer personal information about the services and products we provide to you or requested by you to our affiliates, affiliates, business affiliates, service providers and other persons we deem appropriate, or share with them Use personal data. We may disclose this information to promote news and information communications of these services and products and for the purposes described in Part 3 “Use of Customer Personal Information”.

6. Security of Personal Data

  1. The company implements adequate measures to protect your personal information to avoid unauthorized access, accidental loss or damage.
  2. If the company has a contract with a third party to provide services on behalf of the third party, the company will ensure that the third party takes appropriate security measures and will only process your data under the authorization of the company. These institutions have no right to use your personal data for their own purposes. The company will take reasonable measures to inspect these institutions to ensure that they meet the security requirements set by the company.

7. Your privacy

  1. According to the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” (“Privacy Ordinance”), in addition to the exceptions specified therein, each customer has the right to do the following:
    1. Check whether the company holds personal data about yourself and obtain a copy of such data;
    2. Request the company to correct inaccurate personal information about yourself;
    3. Be sure of the company’s policies and practices regarding personal data, and be informed of the nature of the personal data held by the company.
  2. In accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, the company has the right to charge a reasonable fee for accepting data verification requests.
  3. We usually use email to contact customers or sales promotion. If you don’t want to receive any information, just click the link at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe. You will be removed from our subscription email list. It will take about 14 working days without any fees.
  4. Regarding the correction of personal data and inquiries regarding the nature of the data held by the company, as well as the cessation of receiving or re-receiving direct marketing materials, they should be submitted in writing and mailed to:

8. Publish the privacy policy on the website

This privacy policy may be revised from time to time. All changes will be posted on the company’s website If there is a discrepancy between the version posted on the website and the previous version, the current version shall prevail.

If the customer requests to access and/or correct personal information and/or does not agree to receive direct marketing information, the customer can call 6043 7377 or mail to to contact the company’s data protection officer.

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